PFFF 2011: Shorts

These are the short films which will be shown during this year’s event. Please see the screenings page for details of times, when they are announced.

Fearful John (Juan Con Miedo)

Because There are Things You Never Forget… (Porque hay cosas que nunca se olvidan…) – In 1950’s Naples, four friends play soccer on the street, until their new football falls inside the yard of an old lady. When she won’t give them their ball back, they plot terrible revenge. [Spain, Dir: Lucas Figueroa] Website

Cabine of the Dead – You’ve seen Land of the Dead. You’ve seen House of the Dead. But have you seen… Phone-booth of the Dead? You have now! [France, Dir: Vincent Templement] Website

Dolls (Muñecas) – Ana wakes up in an abandoned stable: next to her, is a mysterious girl, who seems to have been there for a long time, but will only reveal her name, Irina. Desperately, Ana tries to get Irina’s help to escape from their captor. [Spain, Dir: Rosa Marquez]

Dolls (Muñecas)

Fearful John (Juan Con Miedo) – During a holiday at his grandparents, John meets Mary, a mysterious local girl who tells the terrifying legend surrounding a local house. Unlike his namesake in the tale, is scared. Mary…not so much. [Spain, Dir: Daniel Romero] Website

Her Special Day – A young child enjoys a sunny day out, on a picnic with her parents and their friends. But after the summer smiles and laughter, a terrible truth is revealed. [US, Dir: Casey Moore] Website

Ma’am’s Copy Shop – A lady who runs a small stationery shop without her husband meets a man who is looking for his missing wife. She sympathizes with him and helps him make copies of his flyers. Suddenly, she receives a phone call… [South Korea, Dir: Zak Zi]

Panic, Fear – Even in our homes, no-one is safe. When a woman gets up to get a midnight snack, her most feared nightmare comes true. [US, Dir: John Francis Conway] Website

…Stay – A couple goes out into the middle of the woods, looking for a little privacy. But their plans will very shortly be altered, and the remoteness they seek may prove their undoing. [Spain, Dir: Alvaro Lopez Leon + H.R. Paternain] Website


Zombie Team Building – A few years ago, a zombie outbreak was successfully contained to a restricted area. Now, those same city blocks are used for corporate training. [US, Dir: Nathan Blackwell] Website

Zombiefication – One of the hits of the Horror Sci-Fi Festival, back by popular demand. In the unlikely event of the dead coming back to life and gnawing on your entrails, emergency exits are located here, here and huuuuuuurrrrrrrghhhhh… [Austria, Dir: Stefan Lukacs] Website