PFFF 2011: Guests

Here are the currently-confirmed guests for the 2011 Festival.


Miss Tiffany Shepis

With Special Musical Guest:  VOLTAIRE

Tom Tuerff

AZ Rhythm Connection

Shahrinaz Dance Troup

We move to the beat of a drum. We dance to the alluring melody that inspires our souls and sways our hips. A circle of enchanting ladies who will share with you the beauty and hypnotic power that is bellydance.

PLUS!! Thrill the World Zombie dancers

Thrill The World Zombie FlashMob

Kaos Funeral Car and Cremator
Vintage Hearse Show

Very COOL Hearses for any occasion!

[All guests have committed to attend, but their presence can not be absolutely guaranteed.
Please check on the day of the event for a final list]

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