PFFF 2011: Feedback

I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I really enjoyed your festival and that you guys did an amazing job with it!!  Your festival is hands down one of the best ones I have been too with this film.  I loved the welcoming, inviting atmosphere you created and the staff was incredible.  Seriously, I had a lot fun at this event and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the organization and effort your festival had.  You can’t always find that at some festivals and I can’t thank you enough.

Your festival did everything right, from that great awards show to making sure there were lots of photographs being taken (and posting them the very next!).  The audience was amazing as well!!  Keep up the extraordinary work and hopefully I’ll be able to attend your festival again one day!  If you would like to use any of this for a testimonial for your website, or would like me to write something nice about the festival, please let me know as I would be more than happy to!  I’d love to help your festival grow and your spread the word about it in any way possible! Thank you again for the opportunity to play here.  I am very grateful!
— Matt Roth, director The Man Who Collected Food
Just a quick note to say thanks for such a great time on Saturday.  I really enjoyed the film selection and the schedule was escpecially nice, to be able to see movie after movie without a long break.  I will be attending every film fest you put together and bringing more friends next time. Keep up the great work.
— Anthony

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