The House With 100 Eyes

The House With 100 Eyes
Dir: Jay Lee, Jim Roof – US, 2012

Ed and Susan seem to be a typical married couple, living in a typical middle-class home. But there’s nothing typical about the couple or their house. The House with 100 Eyes chronicles Ed and Susan’s attempt to create the ultimate snuff film – complete with behind the scenes footage, director’s commentary- all the features you’d expect on a regular DVD. And that’s in addition to the main attraction: the world’s first snuff triple feature, with three victims, three murders, all in one night. As the evening progresses, the couples’ scheme begins to unravel, and leads to an apocalyptic bloodbath.

Co-director Jim Roof  is a graduate of the Theater School at DePaul University and brings twenty years of industry experience to his own production company TapirCo and his Work with Scream HQ. He made his directorial debut with the macabre short, Murderabilia, which he also wrote and edited.  Partner Jay Lee’s resume includes Noon Blue Apples, satirical horror feature The Slaughter, and Zombie Strippers!, starring Robert Englund, Jenna Jameson and one of 100 Eyes‘  stars, Shannon Malone.

Director’s statement: “Media outlets had coined ’torture porn” and were bemoaning how grim and violent modern horror films were. But as a horror film buff, I knew that the films were nowhere near as bleak and stark as some of the films of the 70’s; I Spit on Your Grave and Last House on the Left, even the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre were grittier than so-called torture porn. I wanted to Write something with a feel and tone that was a throwback to those films.  When my wife first read the script, I asked her what she thought of it, and she said, “I can’t be in the room with you right now.” I took that as a good sign!”

One of my favorite horror films of the year and I can’t wait until it goes wide for more to see. If this film can turn this horror fan who dislikes torture porn into a fan, it has to have something going for it. Not for the squeamish, The House With 100 Eyes succeeds with two rock solid performances by its leads and a tone that will have you laughing and wincing all at once.
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