PFFF 2010: Shorts

BLOCKHEAD US, dir John Francis Conway III – John, an old mason who suffers from a disease after years of working with concrete, is locked up in the family bookstore. His younger brother, Dave, takes care of both John and the store – and moonlights as an accomplice to John’s murderous habit. From the editor of PFFF 2’s feature winner, Sick Girl. Film website

US, dir: Cody Cather + Doug Gehl – Like a mini-Grindhouse, this crams two shorts and a faux trailer into seven minutes of delirious drive-in style insanity. This screening is dedicated to the memory of Brandon Bond, star of the second short, Reel Estate Terror, who died shortly after filming.

UK, dir: David White and Cameron Kerr – Kade with typically-British dry wit, this is an entry in that rarely-seen sub-genre, dating horror. It’s the tale of two guys, one girl and a spade – a blind date which can really only go wrong… Film website

US, dir: Mike Turner – Two sisters, lost in the Vermont woods, must attempt to cross a vast marsh before sundown. As the mist gathers and night falls, they are haunted by ghosts of their past and the evil lurking along the muddy banks. Film website

UK, dir: Ben Robinson – A delightful tribute to 80’s Italian giallo movies, this has everything a sleazehound could want: gratuitous nudity, copious gore and bad dubbing. Who knew North London was such a credible replacement for Rome? With special FX by Alex Cradle of Fear Chandon.

US, dir: Jayson Densman – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Yes, after meeting Party Girl, you’ll want to take the last word off the proverb, as she cuts, chops, slices and dices her way through the male population – an inevitable product of the evil that men do. If you have a Y-chromosome, be afraid. Be very afraid.

UK, dir: Lee Matthews – Deep in the English woods dwells Pancake Marion, deformed and unhinged, and her evil only kept in check by a magical flower. But what happens when that restraint is removed, by a young girl on her way to visit Grandma? Film website

US, dir: Eric Scherbarth – A broker sets out to a remote region of Pennsylvania to offer a deal to a landowner whose property has been ravaged by smoking sinkholes, caused by collapsed coal seams. But he’ll find something far worse than the fires.

UK, dir: Paul Shrimpton – First-person shooters are a lot of fun. But do you ever think about what – or who – you might be shooting? Made for less than $150, but delivering a (literal!) bang for the buck that matches any other film you’ll see today. Also with special FX by Alex Cradle of Fear Chandon: he keeps busy!

US, dir: Dyson/Norfleet/Robeson – If someone came back from the dead today, people would scream and run, or shoot them in the head. They wouldn’t consider the possibility of a more divine purpose behind their return. A promo reel for this upcoming feature. Oh, and it’s a song-for-song parody of Jesus Christ Superstar. Film website

US, dir: Adam DeKraker – After a night of clubbing, Charlie Driscoll’s journey home takes an unexpected turn. When he returns to his parked car he finds a mysterious stranger, who urgently insists on getting in to the car with him. Film website

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