PFFF 2008: Screenings


Brain Dead
[Dir: Kevin Tenney, US, 91 minutes] A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste The story of six people caught in the unusual (except in horror films) predicament of being stranded in a deserted fishing lodge with a host of alien-infected, mutant, amoeba controlled zombies at their doorstep.
Conjurer [Dir: Clint Hutchison, US, 89 mins.] – Art photographer Shawn Burnett reluctantly agrees to move to a rural farmhouse to help his wife, Helen, recover from the loss of their stillborn baby. Shawn begins experiencing unsettling events surrounding an old cabin on the property. At first skeptical of a local legend regarding the cabin’s past, Shawn soon becomes convinced that the farm is haunted. As a ghostly presence manifests itself in increasingly deadly ways, Shawn encounters disturbing echoes from his own troubled past. Official site
3 Dead Girls Trilogy [Dir: Christopher Alan Broadstone, US, 52 mins] The result of spiritual desperation, jealous vengeance, and misanthropic madness –– ignite three tales of horror by acclaimed writer/director Christopher Alan Broadstone. In SCREAM FOR ME one killer becomes the victim of another more brutal and insane than even himself. In MY SKIN! Death flies in to collect the soul of a murdered young woman, but first takes revenge on her killer. And finally, with HUMAN NO MORE, a private detective consumed by an irreconcilable murder case descends into his caustic underworld one last time. 3 DEAD GIRLS brings Broadstone’s three award winning short films together for the first time, and lures you into a trilogy of horror that is “highly disturbing and nerve racking” ( Starring actor Tony Simmons in three very different roles, 3 DEAD GIRLS is “for those of you looking for something new, something unique, something that will kidney punch you and have you urinating blood.” (

Demon’s Kiss [Dir: Dennis Devine, US, 84 mins.] An attempt to summon a demon using the sacrifice of a prostitute misfires – the evil entity instead possesses the body of the intended victim! With the ability to leap between hosts, how can it be stopped before it tracks down its target? From the director of Caregiver, which won Best Feature at the debut PFFF in 2006 [Warning: contains explicit nudity]
Sick Girl [Dir: Eben McGarr, US, 87 mins] The story of Izzy: a girl that wants to f*ck her older brother, protect her little brother – and torture people out in the barn. This features a brilliantly-cold lead performance by Leslie Andrews, playing a strangely moral character, perhaps best described as an evil cross between Juno and Dexter. It also marks the return of Stephen (976-EVIL, Fright Night) Geoffreys to horror after a seventeen year absence.
Death Factory: Bloodletting [Dir: Sean Tretta, US] A group of online deviants are invited to an abandoned factory to witness a “Bloodletting”, an event displaying the torture and murder of an innocent person. Once inside, they soon realize that they have been lured into a trap by a self-righteous madman, who uses the factory and its bloodthirsty inhabitant as his own personal version of Hell. From the director of Great American Snuff Film: enough said!


Raising Cleveland [Dir: Bradford Alicea, US, 21 mins.] After Ronald Cleveland, a teacher who taught the dark arts as an unauthorized extra-curricular activity is killed in a car accident, some of his students attempt to ressurect him. Unfortunately, the beast they have unleashed has no desire to fulfill their thirst for knowledge, but rather endulge himself in his new found hunger for flesh.
The Blue Mouth Madness [Doug Mallette, US, 10 mins.] This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. However, going even beyond that are the results of taking the psychoactive chemical featured in this short. When you start seeing fauns frolicking in the Tennessee landscape, things can only really go downhill from there… And they do…
The Eye of MENW [Dir: Charles A Christman III, US, 4 mins.] With her relationship on the verge of becoming serious, Victoria (Giovanna Galdi) comes home to find an unexpected gift in the form of a black box containing a skull. Not surprisingly, she is less than thrilled at receiving such a gift and wants nothing to do with it. But this is no ordinary skull. After experiencing some indications of the skull’s unnatural nature, however, Victoria finally gives in and takes the skull from its box. The skull is, of course, the Eye of Menw and it will grant knowledge of the future to the pure hearted. So Victoria asks about her own future…
Friday the 13th – Jason Goes Shopping [Dir: Sean Dillin, US, 4 mins.] Jason needs supplies and goes shopping. A horror spoof by an F13 fan. This is a debut film for first time Director Sean Dillin. Official site
Mr. Video [Alex Masterton, GB, 15 mins.] Competing against DVD piracy, Internet downloading, and an array of customers who never seem to rent anything. Will, owner of Mr. Video, struggles in vain to earn a living. But things soon change when a particularly-obnoxious young man enters the store and pushes Will to breaking point… “Thematically, I suppose it’s the old story of the ‘spider and the fly’, kind of a modern day ‘Sweeny Todd’, if you will.” — Alex Masterton. Trailer
Cheerbleeders [Peter Podgursky, US, 13 mins.] Penny and Devon, a pair of high-school outcasts, are best friends in their isolation in the small town of Blackfoot, Idaho. But things take a nasty turn for the worst when Penny inadvertently turns Devon into an unspeakable evil… The most popular boy in school!
Two Shots [Brian Wier, US, 7 mins.] When you grow up alone, and isolated from the world, you grow up to have memories of hate.
It’s My Birthday [Shannon Lark, US, 4 mins] At the tender age of four, Lark attended a gruesome ballet rendition of “Romeo and Juliet.” When it was time for the star-crossed lovers to die, gigantic red streamers burst out of their chests and exploded hundreds of feet into the air. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed and was her very first association with blood and the act of death… Lark is now CEO of The Chainsaw Mafia networking circuit and horror production company. It’s My Birthday is part of the Viscera series: horror films made completely by women, in every single aspect of production. Website

[Dir: Daniel Steffern, CH, 13 mins] Hector returns home after a year away. As he looks for his father, he revisits his childhood memories. He and his sister Anna grew up together in a screwed-up world where bad and good were reversed. Now, it’s pay-back time for Hector, and his father will reap what he has sowed…
Genital Genocide [Dir: Doug Gehl, US, 12 mins] Genital Genocide is the story of convicted serial killer and rapist, Charles Albert Harris, being put to death by electric chair. As the guards prepare him for his execution, he recalls all of his horrific deeds to the victims, whose families are their to witness his death. As the switch is puled, a twist of fate helps ensure both Charles and the family members get what they always wanted…
Shuteye Hotel [Dir: Bill Plympton, US, 8 mins.] From two-time Academy AwardTM nominee Plympton, one of the masters of American animation, comes a film noir murder mystery that takes place in a sleazy hotel. As cops investigate the gruesome murders they become victims of this evil force. What Jaws did to swimming, Shuteye Hotel will do for sleeping.

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