PFFF 2006: Screenings


Dir: Dennis Devine
Star: Osa Wallander, Rebeka Montoya, Elisa Eliot, Kali Hawk

When Paige Hopkins (Wallander) begins working at a halfway house for degenerate teenaged girls, she believes that her syrupy sweet disposition is just what the girls need to find their path to redemption. But these hardened street girls show Paige that she couldn’t be more out of place. So Paige quickly adapts to their ways – which includes beatings, torture and even murder – all delivered with a smile. Gradually, it becomes clear that she may be more troubled than any of her charges. Director will be in attendance.

Dark Places
Dir: Guy Crawford
Star: Nessa Hawkins, David C. Hayes, Syn Devil, Ernest Melon

Keri (Hawkins) is a homeless street hooker who, desperate for a place to stay, ends up at the house of Luther (Hayes) and Lilith (Devil), whose residence is a flophouse for all manner of lost souls. However, she soon finds out this is not quite a charitable institution, and discovers some highly malevolent things going on. When she witnesses what seems to be murder, she makes a break for it: but will she be able to escape? And perhaps harder still, can she get anyone to believe her lurid tale of ritual sacrifice?
Cast and crew will be in attendance.

“An incredibly dark and twisted, psychological thriller” —

The Deepening
Dir: Jim O’Rear and Ted Alderman
Star: Ted Alderman, Jim O’Rear, Debbie Rochon, Gunnar Hansen

A troubled New York fireman (Alderman) suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after working the tragic terrorist events of 9-11. In search of a fresh start, he relocates to a small fire department in a quiet rural town where he seeks treatment from Doctor Chambers (Gunnar Hansen) for his recurring nightmares. The bad dreams, however, do not subside. Instead, they turn into a terrifying reality as the population of the town begins to sharply decrease…

“Succeeds where many independent horror movies fail…rises above the pack with its intelligent dialogue and character development.” —

“A perfect mix of the slasher genre with a who dun’it, topped with macho ingredients.” — Razor Reel

Possibly the most controversial film ever made in Arizona!

The Great American Snuff Film
Dir: Sean Tretta
Star: Mike Marsh, Ryan Huttman, Melinda Lorenz, Holi Tavernier

An unflinching record of six days, over which William Grone (Marsh) and backward accomplice Roy (Hutman), captured two women and tortured them with the intention of making a snuff movie. Climaxing with that footage itself, this is the kind of film it is impossible to like, but equally impossible not to respect, and is getting a rare big-screen presentation at the festival. Cast and crew will be in attendance…at least, the ones who have not apparently disappeared without trace…!

“If you are interested in cinema that pushes the boundaries of what a film should be, this is something you need to see. It doesn’t offer apologies or excuses, either. It is what it is, and that’s why it is successful.” — Film Threat
“Might be the most disturbing 85 minutes committed to film in years.” — Popcorn Junkies
“Visual restraint makes The Great American Snuff Film all the more harrowing an experience.” —
“One hell of a disturbing film” —

Plus! The evening will close with a live performance by industrial-hardcore outfit, Hardwire, whose members include Mike Marsh and Ryan Huttman. Visit the Hardwire site for more info on the band.

Dir: Kevin Phipps
Star: Eric Parks, Mike Decamp, Catherine Urbanek, Laura Durant

When Jason (Parks) hears a neighbourhood house may be haunted, he and his teenage friends stage a night-time visit. From there on, Jason suffers a series of increasingly disturbing visions, that point to a terrible, undiscovered crime having been committed there… Cast and crew will be in attendance.

Watch Me
Dir: Melanie Ansley
Star: Frances Marrington, Sam Voutas, Katrina J. Kiely, Celeste Barry

Everyday, millions of people receive spam email messages, flowing through their inboxes like locusts. Amongst these messages is one attachment that no one will live to delete. It is called “Watch Me”. One by one Tess’s friends end up brutally murdered after opening the email, a file that spreads through electronic address books to seek its next victim. All murders bear the same traits: a red-headed woman in a yellow dress, an internet connection, the victim’s eyes sewn shut…

“A truly creepy Asian-inspired modern ghost story…really compelling and interesting story that keeps the terror pure and simple” —

“Easily stands its own against Ringu when it comes to delivering some genuine scares.” —


Dir: Kenny Selko
Star: Mandy Amano, Jerod Edington, Guy Nardulli

Ellen (Amano) has her sorority house to herself after her dorm-mates leave for the weekend. But Detective Wilkey (Nardulli) warns her that there’s a killer on the loose, and not to let anyone in until the police catch the murderer, even if she knows who they are. After Wilkey leaves, however, Ellen’s fear increases, and she struggles to decide whether the danger is real or imaginary. Then, there’s a knock at the window… Featuring beautiful photography that evokes a bygone era, Alone was shot in Super 16, and makes the most of its single location to create a tight, tense thriller from a time not normally associated with the genre.

“A perfect way to spend 20 minutes” —

“Lusciously shot by Christopher Gosch, directed with finesse by Selko and well acted by all, Alone is a must for lovers of tight thrillers” — Film Threat

The Eyes of Edward James
Dir: Rodrigo Gudiño
Star: Shahla Kareen, Tal Zimmerman, Robert C. Fidler, Richard Underhill

A hypnotist (ZImerman) tries to regress Edward James to the traumatic night when his wife was brutally murdered. However, as the film unfolds, it gradually becomes clear that what happened, what his doctor believes happened, and what Edward believes happened, may not be the same thing at all. Told almost entirely from a first-person perspective, it’s the directorial debut of Rue Morgue publisher Rodrigo Gudiño, and it’s clear that he has hit the ground running, with a film that consciously does not attempt to answer every question which it raises.

“Chillingly suspenseful” — Ben Murray, Toronto International Film Festival

“Well shot, with a solid script… An auspicious debut” —

Flesh-Eating Ghouls from Outer Space
Dir: Erik Weiland
Star: Pete Desrosiers, Georgann Prince, Ruth Anne Greer, Randy Greer

Alien invasion! Musical numbers! Dismemberment! Twinkies! Oh, and did I mention this is all done with puppets? From Phoenix’s own Skeleton Puppet Theatre, comes this tale of…well, the title says it all, as described by a heroic reporter for KRAP TV. All that stands between our planet and extra-terrestrial domination is a brave little girl with a basket of Hostess products. Can she save the day or is Earth doomed? Find out, in what’s among the most jaw-droppingly memorable use of puppets you’ll have ever seen. Sesame Street, this isn’t…

Human No More
Dir: Christopher Alan Broadstone
Star: Tony Simmons, Cole Adam Buisson, Evan Susswood, Green Whittaker

A private detective (Simmons) consumed by an irreconcilable murder case descends into his caustic underworld one last time. There he must face the blind eye of Heaven, the hunger of Hell, and the relentless ambiguity of his own humanity. With some disturbingly twisted, intense visuals, and a great performance by the lead, this feels like a pilot for the darkest TV series you can imagine. When you’ve reached the very depths, is death the end…or the beginning?

“Challenging, shocking, and totally engaging short horror filmmaking at its most profound and unsettling.” —

“The coloring, cinematography and acting are quite simply…amazing. Broadstone is less a filmmaker and more an artist.” — Joe Horror

Into the Flesh
Dir: Doug Gehl
Star: Matt Anderson, Brandon Menard, Drew Strickland, Doug Gehl

A gangster loses a suitcase belong to his boss, and must suffer the unpleasant consequences… Produced by The Terror Studios, who say “From the very beginning, our motto has been to create the sickest movies known to man. Into the Flesh is our third film to be featured in a festival. Earlier this year we filmed Mobsterdoctor for the A3F 48 hour Film Challenge. We also won 3rd place in the Atomic Comics Zombie Festival for Zombie Apocalypse.”

No. My Other Possessed Zombie Girlfriend
Dir: Timothy W. Mather
Star: Dave Polsey, Culture, XZanthia, Lloyd Kaufman

Best. Title. Ever. The heartwarming tale of a man beset with grief, as his beloved girlfriend is turned, by a motivational videotape from Haiti (hey, it stars Lloyd Kaufman, whaddya expect?), into a hideous, possessed member of the living-dead. Featuring AZ horror-punk gods Calabrese on the soundtrack, and with what can only be described as among the most unusual method of zombie dispatch in cinema history…

Serial Cleaners
Dir: Drew Strickland
Star: Brandon Menard

A struggling dry-cleaner comes up with a novel method of boosting his business. “You’ve got red on you…”, to borrow a line! Born in San Antonio, TX, Drew Strickland has lived in AZ most of his life. He has always been interested in horror themed activities, but got into film making after seeing The Evil Dead. He currently attends Scottsdale Community College and studies Screenwriting and Production: Serial Cleaners, was made for SCC purposes.

Tortured Man
Dir: Jon Rhymes
Star: Leif Nelson, Jon Rhymes

A man methodically tapes plastic sheeting over the walls and floors of his apartment. Never a good sign… Add a collection of knives, hammers and an electric drill, and you can see why this was submitted for our consideration!


a sneak peek at…

Dir: Lloyd Kaufman
Star: Jason Yachanin, Kate Graham, Allyson Sereboff, Robin Watkins

They say that after World War III, all that’s left will be cockroaches. Not so: Troma will also survive. Under Lloyd Kaufman, the company has outlasted many a major studio, and is still kicking. They’re best known for The Toxic Avenger series, but that just skims the surface, with films like Tromeo and Juliet and Class of Nuke ‘Em High also achieving cult status. Now, comes their latest work, about a fast-food restaurant built on an ancient Indian burial ground. The Indian spirits have merged with the dead chickens to create chicken zombies. No, I can’t believe I’m writing that either. 🙂 We’ll be showing the first five minutes and some other clippage.

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