PFFF 2006: Guests

Brain Damage

The evil, twisted genius behind Brain Damage Films is a shadowy figure, who rarely ventures out of the dungeon from which he plots world domination through horror movies. However, he has been lured out by the chance to meet fellow gorehounds, and sign pictures, DVDs or body parts…

Syn Devil

Syn Devil is one of the new generation of Scream Queens, more likely to kill than be killed. She has already starred in a number of horror pieces, including Witch’s Sabbath, The Curse of Pirate Death, Blood Legend as well as Dark Places, receiving its Arizona premiere at the Phoenix Fear Film Festival.

Guy Crawford

Guy has directed several horror movies, starting with Starved in 2000, which he also wrote. His best-known work is perhaps Autopsy: A Love Story, which he made in 2002, but his most recent feature is Dark Places, which is already receiving positive reviews.

Scooter Harris of Studio Hadra

True Crime Theater: The Grand Tour by Scooter Harris is the first issue from Harris’s traveling multi-media graphic novel project, about a detective, a dominatrix, a corpse, and the conspiracy that buries all three in the deep dark of Texas. Originally shown in galleries across the southwest for the past 4 years, TCT can now be seen in the format it was meant to be in. Only in this comic book, you can find the clues unravel in the city officials’ blood trailing behind one question, “Who is Paris Arizona?”. Scooter Harris, Jeff to some, is a published illustrator and working on the first volume of the True Crime Theater graphic novel. More clues to follow.

Dennis Devine

He began his career in 1989 by directing Fatal ImagesCaregiver is his 12th film in that role, and he has been a writer, cinematographer, editor and even an actor too. Dennis’s previous work includes Vampires of Sorority Row and its sequel, as well as Amazon Warrior, and Curse of Pirate Death. He just finished another film, Blood Mask, which is due for release in 2007.

Erica Slider

Nina Tepes

Jay Gowey from Monsters of Extinction

Originally managed movie locations on such movies as The Rocketeer and TV series like Quantum Leap, after the death of friend Brandon Lee, he moved to Metropolis, IL, and helped open and establish the Superman Museum. A friend persuaded him to make masks and props for Ted V.Mikels on his
Astro-Zombies sequel Mark of the Astro-Zombies, and he’s been busy ever since. Films include The Cauldron: Baptism of Blood and One Bloody Night and he produced the up coming movie Puppet Show. He has been collecting props since the late 70’s, from the 1925 Hunchback of Notre Dame to modern classics like Brandon Lee’s shirt from The Crow. Please visit the website for more information.

Also present will be actress/model Nina Tepes (Mark of the Astro-Zombies, One Bloody Night, Dark Places, Puppet Show and actress Erica Slider (Legions, Puppet Show).

Also appearing: Sean Tretta, Michael Marsh, Kevin Phipps, Tom Koelbel!

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