Model Hunger (US, 2015)

Dir: Debbie Rochon
Star: Lynn Lowry, Tiffany Shepis, Brian Fortune, Carmine Capobianco

Special screening with Debbie Rochon, Lynn Lowry and Tiffany Shepis, and a Q+A afterward!

miniselbadgeFormer glamor model Ginny Reilly (Lowry) has been carrying a grudge for decades, ever since losing her position as a cover-girl. This bubbles to the surface when two cheerleaders from the local school come by on a fundraising visit. Meanwhile, recently moved in next door are the Lombardos. Debbie (Shepis) is recovering from mental illness, with a largely unsympathetic husband (Capobianco) and is increasingly suspicious of Ginny. Unable to get the local cops to take her seriously, she ends up investigating her neighbor…

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Debbie Rochon is certainly one of the most well-known names in the horror genre, having been a mainstay of it for more than 20 years. But after more than 200 screen credit, she finally stepped to the other side of the camera for her directorial debut. What took her so long? “It was 1000% the script,” she said. “I did a movie with James Morgart, who wrote and produced Model Hunger. I did his first movie Won Ton Baby, and he kept asking me, ‘When are you going to direct?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know; maybe I never will. And I’ll know when I need to. I’m not going to do it until I literally need to.’ And reading this script, I was like, ‘Oh god, I need to.’ This is exactly something I want to say.”

“I’m excited for people to see these people’s work. I’m the facilitator of trying my very best to showcase all of these amazing fucking people’s talents. That’s my job. It’s not an ego job. My ego never needed to do this. It’s all about the material. Of course, there will be a lot of people that won’t like it. That’s just the way it goes and I’m fully prepared for that. But I challenge anyone, even if they don’t like Model Hunger, to say that anyone did a less than stellar job on it and in it. So I’m very proud.”

“A gory presentation from a mind that’s spent quite a bit of time soaking in all the atmosphere in a career that has spanned hundreds of films, and Rochon uses each and every trick in the book to deliver a fun film.” — Dread Central

“Lowry is a b-movie star in her own right as well and absolutely kills it in her role… If you love z-grade entertainment and gory trash films like me, then you need to watch this immediately.” —

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