Mar Negro

Actress and Producer - Mayra AlarcónDir: Rodrigo Aragão
Mayra Alarcón, Carol Aragão, Kika de Oliveira, Walderrama Dos Santos

Two fishermen off the coast of Brazil find… something entangled in their net, unlike any animal they’ve ever seen before. That sets of a train of events, leading to a tidal-wave of death, blood and destruction, which threatens to envelop, not just their little rural village, but far beyond. Could it be… Satan? Easily the most blood-drenched submission for this year we’ve yet received, this appears to be a Brazilian cousin to Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead, combining over the top splatter with humor, building to an outrageous climax that has to be seen to be be (dis)believed. But even Brain Dead didn’t have a heavily-armed transvestite going berserk with a chain gun. If you were thinking of taking a vacation in Brazil for the 2016 Olympics, this might just make you think again!

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