This year’s shorts program was hand-crafted for your viewing pleasure by Hal C F Astell, whose name should be familiar to anyone who has been around the cinema scene in Arizona over the past few years. He reviews films on his site, Apocalypse Later, has published a number of books – available at the FearCon – and also works behind the scenes at many of the state’s biggest conventions. We’re delighted he’s helping us out by putting together these two selections of short films from all over the world.

Program 1: Saturday, 4:00 pm

  • Night Mare (2014) – 4m, Argentina, dir: Juan Carlos Camardella

    A music video for the song “Night Mare” by J.C.Camardella, inspired by Alejandra Pizarnik’s The Blood Countess, and Jorge Luis Borges’s essay “Nightmares”, from the book Seven Nights.

  • a_veces_viene_cover_mA veces viene/Sometimes It Comes (2013), 12m, Spain, dir: Félix Llorente

    Sarah is about to meet a friend for dinner. Suddenly, she feels she is no longer alone in her home..

  • Martyn (2013) – 4m, Italy,  dir: Francesco Picone

    A loving couple, a text message, a fierce jealousy…

  • Dust Jacket (2013) – 15m, Arizona, dir: Kenneth Miller

    What is about to happen concerning this young woman, will shock and horrify you.

  • Plush (2011) – 10m, USA, dir: Ryan Denmark

    Kathy is a mature, professional woman who still sleeps with her cuddly teddy bear Vincent. One night, when a burglar invades, Kathy’s home comes alive with magical surprises. The intruder learns that Vincent may not be so cuddly after all.

  • Ghost Light (2014) – 20m, USA, dir: P J Germain

    When their Jeep breaks down on the ruins of Old Route 66, Harvey Reynolds is forced to chase his delinquent son to a diner set up in the middle of no where. As the night turns for the worst, Harvey and Brandon are set against an unstoppable force hell bent on taking them with it.

  • Waterborne (2014) – 10m, Australia, dir: Ryan Coonan

    When a local ranger in a small country town finds an unidentified algae overwhelming the town’s water supply, he knows something’s not right. But it’s not until the sun goes down that he discovers the true extent of the danger.

  • Special (2014) – 11m, USA, dir: Mikael Burgin

    When their daughter is kidnapped by human traffickers, a mother and father desperately struggle against revealing an important family secret to investigators, that could ultimately lead to her safe return.

  • Leñador y la Mujer América/The Woodman and the American Woman (2013) – 17m, Spain, dir: Jesús Hernández

    Zoe had the perfect life. Until she meets… him.

Program 2: Sunday, 4:00 pm

  • Hellytubby (2012) – 3m, Arizona, dir: Matt Iseminger

    Time for Hellytubby, time for Hellytubby, time for Hellytubby…

  • 1. CartelCowboy Ben (2014) – 9m, UK, dirs: Jon Shaikh & Scott Rawsthorne

    Desperate, delusional and destitute, Ben meets a childhood friend Brian in a trendy London bar.

  • Tin & Tina (2013) – 12m, Spain, dir: Ruben Stein

    Tin and Tina are not eating the purée tonight.

  • The Heebie-Jeebies (2014) – 9m, USA, dir: Todd Slawsby

    After hearing a scary bedtime story, a young boy and girl become convinced they have monsters under their beds. They may be right…

  • Night Guards (2014) – 12m, Serbia, dir: Marko Marinkovic

    Two night guards, belonging to different generations and different eras. Tonight, as every other, they repeat what they did when they were alive. Except, on this occasion, two living people enter their world.

  • Mr Dentonn (2014) – 9m,  Spain, dir: Ivan Villamel

    On a cold winter night, Laura reads his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runs Laura’s body, feeling a strange presence in the house. It’s him.

  • Sector C-17 (2014) – 2m, USA, dir: Tim Mattson

    A construction worker wakes up in the worst possible scenario. Will he survive?

  • Helsing (2013) – 21m, Arizona, dir: Ryan Johnston

    Dr Abraham Van Helsing is one of the most famous characters in horror literature. But you have never seen him quite like this before…

  • Bar Talk (2013) – 9m, USA, dir: Lowell Northrop

    In a dusty Texas bar, a chatty stranger insists on striking up a conversation with the man sitting next to him…

  • Ruleta/Roulette (2013) – 17m, Spain, dir: Dídac Cervera

    Two people are trapped in a train, and do not know how they got there. But the place is not what it seems, forcing them to face off against their fears.

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